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UPDI (Lufran) DI Water Heater
UPDI (Lufran) DI Water Heater
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The Lufran UP Series Ultrapure DI Water Heater has been designed to deliver years of trouble-free, low maintenance operation. To date, over 1100 UP Series water heaters have been sold worldwide. The UP Series accommodates any temperature setting up to 100C +/- 1C and any flow rate.

The Lufran UP Series point-of-use, in-line system quickly heats DI water with the minimum amount of exposed surface area. An ultra-clean environment is provided with no metal-to-water contact. Wetted surfaces are manufactured of Teflon (heater) and Polyvinyldilene Fluoride (liner). The UP Series incorporates Patented, all PTFE Teflon high wattage heaters (patent numbers 4,553,024 - 4,158,764) with nitrogen purge feature. Included with the heater is a Process Control Module(s) which incorporates a digital PID controller and multiple safety features.


  • Patented heater purge ensures heater integrity, longevity and temperature stability.  Click here to view the heater cutaway diagram in .PDF format.
  • Heaters are in direct contact with the DI water for fast response.
  • Constant flow feature ensures that water is not allowed to stagnate, thereby preventing the buildup of contaminants. (DI water bleed available to inhibit bacterial/ fungal growth.)
  • Compact modular design allows systems to be used independently or in combinations. Models from 7 to 260 Kilowatts.
  • All instrumentation is isolated from the DI water.
  • Accommodates any flow rate, temperatures up to 100C and pressures up to 100 PSIG.  


  • Power: 208, 380 or 480 volt, three phase available. Other voltages available upon request. Amperage dependent on size of system ordered, voltage and phase.
  • Temperature control: +/- 1 degree Celsius in a continuous flow state.
  • Heater: 110 or 208 VAC, single phase 50/60 Hz.
  • Three phase, custom wattages and voltages available upon request.

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*Teflon is a registered trademark of DuPont.
* Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Dow Elastomers.

* Chemraz is a registered trademark of Greene, Tweed and Company.

Please contact us @ sales@weslan.com or call 408-247-4151 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST) to specify your Lufran UPDI Water Heater.


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