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Plating Station
Plating Station
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Plating Station
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Plating Station
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Weslan Systems Plating Stations are custom designed to meet your application and processing requirements.  The specifier may select material of construction, dimensions (height, width, depth), robot type, process modules and type of controls and instrumentation.  Prior to manufacturing approval drawings will be provided.

Available Materials of Construction

  • White Polypropylene
  • Natural Polypropylene
  • FRPP Polypropylene
  • PVC   
  • CPVC  
  • PVDF  

Available Custom Process Modules                                

  • Dump Rinsers?                   
  • Cascade Rinsers?                   
  • Glove Rinses?                     
  • Static Constant Temperature Baths?                     
  • Filtered Constant Temperature Baths?                     
  • Room Temp Baths? 

Available Plating Cells

  • ______?
  • ______?

Available Controls / Instrumentation                            

  • PID Controls                     
  • PLC Controls                     
  • Resistivity Controls

Misc. Available Custom Features:                                                                  

  • DI manifold Material                           
  • Auto Transfer Arms                               
  • Dip / Agitation Arms  
  • Chemical fill / mix                        
  • Up, down or rear exhaust
  • Plating Cells  
  • Kydex trim color
  • Drain Location

Please contact us @ sales@weslan.com or call 530-668-3304 (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST) to specify your Plating Station(s).


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